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2014: Vol 6/7 Comedy and Catastrophe

Edited by Gregor Moder and Matthew Sharpe

Table of Contents

Comedy Dossier

After Catastrophe: From Beckett to Žižek PDF HTML
Lacanian Laughter and Bragging in 1598 PDF HTML
A Comedy of Horrors: On Humor, Escapism, Despair, the Uncanny and Comedy’s Happily Horrible Hierophany PDF HTML
Too Early, Too Late: Fetishism, Melancholia and Mourning the GDR in Good Bye Lenin! PDF HTML
Between Genet’s Bordello and Holy Communion: Lacan on Comedy in Seminar V PDF HTML

General Articles

Journey to the End of Ideology: Ideology and Jouissance in Céline’s Journey to the End of the Night PDF HTML
Theory on the Fly docx